If you think you are being stalked, there's a number of things you can do.
In an emergency, please call 999 or 112.

Inform people you trust of your situation.

Sharing your concerns should help you create a support network. Speaking to your employer about what is happening is also important.

Take all threats seriously.

If a threat is made immediately contact a Protective Services or your local Gardaí.

Create an incident log.

Start noting when and where you see them. It may be helpful to include a description of details like what they were wearing and exact timeframes. 

Document everything.

If the person in question has made contact with you via text, email, social media or letter, record and document this.

Be vigilant and alert.

Try and avoid travelling places alone. Ensure you are taking security precautions such as locking your doors.

Take photographic or video evidence.

If they are following you or loitering near your house/place of work take photographic or video evidence if safe to do so.

Vary your routine.

Varying your day-to-day routine, if possible, can be a helpful precaution.

Report your concerns
Report your concerns to your nearest Protective Services Unit. It is helpful to have evidence with you such as an incident log, texts, photos etc.
Find out what help and support is available.